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At Dr. Anna Brison’s Family Dentistry we use modern technology and provide access to specialists to offer a variety of services, providing our clients in Falmouth and surrounding communities with the best dental care possible.
  • Hygiene Care
  • Teeth Restoration
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Teeth Bleaching
  • Dentures & Teeth Replacement
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Hygiene Care

Having a healthy mouth and clean teeth not only looks great, but also positively affects the overall health of your body. It is important to keep the bone and gums in your mouth healthy and your teeth clean to ensure you will have them for a long time. Among other things, the hygienist removes plaque, calculus (hardened plaque), assesses the health of bone and tissues in the mouth and helps identify and remedy any problem areas. This helps to prevent gingivitis, bad breath and teeth from becoming loose as you age. We strive to prevent oral disease and any suspicious lesions are identified and investigated.

Healthy mouths make us smile because we know how that benefits you and your overall health.


We repair teeth that are chipped, broken or infected with a cavity or decay with a variety of materials.  Among the materials we use are composites (white fillings), amalgams (silver fillings) and milled restorations (ceramic and infused ceramic restorations). These restorations look the most like natural tooth structure.

If the tooth structure is compromised, a veneer, onlay or crown may be recommended. We use a CAD/CAM machine (E4D), which allows us to mill, stain and glaze high quality restorations right in our office!

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Root Canal

Root canal therapy is used to remove injured or infected tissue from inside the tooth. During a root canal, the canals of the tooth are sealed to prevent further infections from reoccurring. As a previous member of the East Coast Study Club (Root Canal Club), Dr. Anna Brison has 5 years of continuing education in root canal therapy and utilizes rotary endodontic equipment to insure your procedure is safe, effective and comfortable!

Teeth Bleaching

During the bleaching process, chemicals are used to break down pigment in the enamel of your teeth. We often recommend custom bleaching trays as a bleaching method that gives the best result with the least side effects. Contact us to learn how to get your pearly whites back!

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Dentures & Teeth

Dentures and Partial Dentures: At Dr. Anna Brison’s Family Dentistry we meet the unique needs of each client who requires dentures. We can create dentures that are facilitated conventionally or dentures that are implant retained. We are willing to help you find the denture solution that is right for you!

Bridge: A single implant or a bridge can replace a single missing tooth.

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